An analysis of the most significant paintings of the greatest painters of all time

Yet Michelangelo did not leave things unfinished out of laziness. These paintings are located in different art museums world over.

Most Famous Paintings of All Time

The sexiest, coolist, snaziest,mofo out there. Monet was known for painting lillies, like the ones in this painting. Mona Lisa — Leonardo da Vinci Artist: Degas paintings of young dancers or ballerinas are icons in the painting of the late 19th century Self-portrait by Edgar Degas Giotto continued the Byzantine style of Cimabue and other predecessors, but he earned the right to be included in gold letters in the history of painting when he added to it a quality unknown to date: He is like God.

Out of it, very quickly, came cubism and abstraction. Critics have suggested that every great Greek philosopher can be found among the 21 painted in the painting.

Pablo Picasso rightly said that every child is a born artist, the problem is to retain that artist within themselves. This painting by Renoir is also one of the most expensive paintings ever bought.

And he never stopped his metamorphosis Monalisa Probably the most famous painting in the world is Monalisa by Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo Da Vinci Year: His works, strong and personal, are one of the greatest influences in the painting of the twentieth century, especially in the German Expressionism Self-portrait of Vincent van Gogh Claude Monet Water Lilies This painting is an example of impressionism — a type of painting known for its light colors and simple subjects.

More impressive as an underdog in the study got done a lot better than would allow in imagination. It is displayed in St. In this picture, a soft image of clock slides in the background of a hard table.Not many other paintings manage to do all that while showing a tin can full of salty cat urine (oh you all know it’s true).

Source. BONUS: Mona Lisa (Leonardo da Vinci) The most: Likely to offend people if you don’t include it on a list of greatest paintings ever.

There is almost nothing new anyone can say about Mona Lisa. 35 Most Famous Paintings of All Times. This famous painting by Jackson Pollock is a signature piece of art that depicts the chaos raging within Pollock at the time of painting. The many swirls and meshes make it a unique piece of work.

the Seurat. i also have listed some of the famous indian painters and Famous paintings. The 10 Best Painters of All Time Well, According to Me. It was tough! I definitely realize I have a few biases, but it was a good exercise and helped me discover what kind of oil on canvas works I most admire and what oil painting techniques and methods I most revere.

Greatest Painters of All Time interactive top ten list at TheTopTens®. Vote, add to, or comment on the Greatest Painters of All Time. he is generally considered one of the greatest visual artists in the history of art and the most important in Dutch art history.

Greatest Religious Figures of All Time afex XTrending. The World's 12 Most Important Women Painters. Samuel Spencer.

The 10 greatest works of art ever

While this may be the case, these powerhouse women stand at the forefront of the art world. We present the 12 most important female artists working today.

10 Most Famous Paintings of The Renaissance

Marlene Dumas. yet completely fitting to its time. Search:: Artists Alphabetically Symbolism 50 Greatest Paintings Art Movements.

A List of The Most Important Masterpieces in Western Art History. A List of The 50 Greatest Paintings in the History of Art.

An analysis of the most significant paintings of the greatest painters of all time
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