Case studies thesis and dissertation

Evaluate and Analyze the Data Within-case analysis is the first analysis technique used with each non-profit organization under study. Techniques such as cross-case examination and within-case examination along with literature review helps ensure external validity.

A comparative case study. Evaluate and Analyze the Data The researcher examines raw data using many interpretations in order to find linkages between the research object and the outcomes with reference to the original research questions.

After investigators are trained, the final advance preparation step is to select a pilot site and conduct a pilot test using each data gathering method so that problematic areas can be uncovered and corrected. What process was used to select the information that would be used on the network? Building theories from case study research.

Unpublished doctoral dissertation, Columbia University, New York. Exemplary case study design ensures that the procedures used are well documented and can be repeated with the same results over and over again. External validity reflects whether or not findings are generalizable beyond the immediate case or cases; the more variations in places, people, and procedures a case study can withstand and still yield the same findings, the more external validity.

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Academy of Management Journal, 19, Field notes record feelings and intuitive hunches, pose questions, and document the work in progress.

How did the organization make the decision to place data on the World Wide Web community network? Exemplary case studies use field notes and databases to categorize and reference data so that it is readily available for subsequent reinterpretation.

When a pattern from one data type is corroborated by the evidence from another, the finding is stronger. The researcher considers multiple sources of data for this study and selects document examination, the gathering and study of organizational documents such as administrative reports, agendas, letters, minutes, and news clippings for each of the organizations.

Stake, Helen Simons, and Robert K. The researcher begins with a review of the literature to determine what prior studies have determined about this issue and uses the literature to define the following questions for the study of the non-profit organizations providing information to the electronic community network: Techniques for composing the report can include handling each case as a separate chapter or treating the case as a chronological recounting.

Specific techniques include placing information into arrays, creating matrices of categories, creating flow charts or other displays, and tabulating frequency of events. Case study research generally answers one or more questions which begin with "how" or "why. Researchers from many disciplines use the case study method to build upon theory, to produce new theory, to dispute or challenge theory, to explain a situation, to provide a basis to apply solutions to situations, to explore, or to describe an object or phenomenon.

When evidence conflicts, deeper probing of the differences is necessary to identify the cause or source of conflict. Applicability to Library and Information Science Case study research, with its applicability across many disciplines, is an appropriate methodology to use in library studies.

In all cases, the researcher treats the evidence fairly to produce analytic conclusions answering the original "how" and "why" research questions. To assist in targeting and formulating the questions, researchers conduct a literature review.Chapters 4 and 5 The Sequel and the Conclusion By Dr.

Marilyn K. Simon with input from The entire dissertation is written in scholarly language (accurate, balanced, that participants be used for case study research – Other data will be collected as well.

Phenomenological studies, sample size.

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Graduate Theses and Dissertations Iowa State University Capstones, Theses and Dissertations Managing school behavior: a qualitative case study.

plains when case study research can be used, research design, data collec- tion, and data analysis, and finally offers suggestions for drawing on the evidence in writing up a report or dissertation. The purpose of this Dissertation and Case Study Handbook is to provide you with basic guidelines for writing a course case study/paper, and dissertation.

Before. A QUALITATIVE CASE STUDY OF A CO-TEACHING RELATIONSHIP AT A RURAL HIGH SCHOOL. The following faculty members have examined the full copy of this dissertation for form and.

Case studies thesis and dissertation
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