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With financial aid from the Brazilian federal government, tons of large rocks were dumped on the beach to prevent houses from destruction. There are competitions in seven different categories, from classical ballet to folk dances.

Industrial tourism[ edit ] With a population of over half a Competition bikes inhabitants and an economy based mainly on industry, Joinville has become the largest city in State of Santa Catarina. It is one of the beaches that offers the best tourist facilities, receiving a large number of tourists from around Brazil and the world on the warm days in spring and summer.

Among these are the former government palace, nowadays the Cruz e Souza Museum which took its name from the famous poet from Santa Catarina who formed the symbolist movement and the Public Market built in which sells food and local handicrafts under the shade of a one-hundred-year-old fig tree.

Many surf cups began to emerge, and great Catarinense surfing personalities.

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The rock complex situated to the left of the beach, the night lighting and the public showers are some of the trademarks at Joaquina. The architectural design of the expansion was chosen by a Competition bikes competition held by Infraero in partnership with the Brazilian Architects Institute IAB.

Roughly saying, the island can be divided in two sectors: The city retains many aspects of German culture, in its architecture, in the local dishes, parties and in the way of life of its inhabitants.

The city has one of the highest standards of living in Brazil.


Penguins swim into the canal and near the beach of Barra da Lagoa during the colder winter months of June, July and August. It preserves a significant area of mangroves on the Ilha de Santa Catarina.

See panoramic view below. Ingleses Beach Praia dos Ingleses Even though it is a beach preferred by tourists, Ingleses still keeps to the traditions of the Azorian colonizers. Those looking for a different outing can go on a trek of 4 kilometres 2.

It was from there that whale harpooners and crewmen confessed and attended the mass before going fishing. The name Santinho comes from a human figure engraved on an isolated block of rock.

Outdoor sports, including divinghang glidingrowingparaglidingand mountain bikingas well as surfing, are popular on the island. To practice it, one must have a lot of balance and rent a board.

Joinville is also home to many well known large corporations in Brazil such as: In some quarters notice a strong influence in the population architecture and customs. The celebration dates to the colonial era and includes a parade, music, and street food.

People with departing flights are well advised to check the local football schedule to ensure they arrive at the airport on time. The south of the island preserved intensely Azorean customs that arrived there from the 18th century. The huge reflector that illuminates part of the large sand strip in front of the bars only contributes to the partying that extends far into the night.

In the summerit is one of the top beach destinations of Argentine tourists, second only to Canasveiras. The illumination favours both those who enjoy the merrymaking as well as the fishermenwho use the time to drag their nets in from the sea.

A minority of the population 7. Its industrial output is the third-largest in the Southern States of Brazil, after the large main cities of Porto Alegre and Curitiba. Santo Amaro da Imperatriz was the first thermal water facility in Brazil. It is in the left hand corner, where bathers do not venture, that surfers practice their sport, sharing the space with fishermen.

Squares, shopping centres and many companies take the opportunity to promote other events at the same time, such as courses and talks. The boards used in this sport can be rented on the spot.

The traffic has grown significantly at the airport and therefore the city plans to upgrade and expand the airport so that 2. Joinville is famous for its strong German -influenced culture.

At nightCampeche is also an excellent attraction. Many expats and Brazilian people from other cities choose to live by the lagoon because of its stunning views, safety, nature and quality of life.

Joaquina Beach Praia da Joaquina Became internationally famous in the s, when surfers from around the world discovered its waves. In the winter of a significant portion of the beach disappeared due to erosion.

In addition to the beach, it is possible to enjoy the most famous dunes in the South of the country as well as to sand board. The 11 days of presentations attract around 50 thousand people to Centreventos Cau Hansen, making it one of the largest events of its kind in the world.

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The bicycles of champions and amateurs alike are shown in The Competition Bicycle, from a rare s racing High Wheeler to Tony Rominger’s hour record bike. In between are 32 carefully selected bicycles: the actual machines ridden by great champions like Fausto Coppi, Gino Bartali, Eddy Merckx, Greg LeMond, Andy.

The team has won Santa Catarina State Championship 17 times, the record for most titles won.

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Florianópolis, is the home of Desterro Rugby Clube. Desterro has male and female rugby teams competing in the Brasil Super 10 (Men's 15s) competition and the Super 7s (women's 7s).

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Competition bikes
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