Fitness plus a case study of capacity essay

If Fitness Plus keeps attracting more membership over the next three years and starts to experience bottlenecks again, they can follow membership demand and then decide if they want to build a larger club in another location, or simply eliminate he racquetball and tennis court services completely.

Other businesses who look at the total square footage of their facilities and the percentage used by each product may realize that expansion or moving to another facility may not be necessary. Major Issues This paper will aim on present capability topic, and conclusion to elaborate living amenities or construct the new facility capability topic, and conclusion to elaborate living amenities or construct the new facility.

Hire Writer Existing operations Management needs specific information to estimate how well the existing capacity of the building is being utilized by members and to decide the capacity utilization rate of the club to reveal if they are utilizing their space efficiently.

Fitness Plus Case Study Introduction Fitness undertakings usually take position in four localities of association: More space may be converted o geriatric services rather than pediatrics.

This market can install self service checkout stands. This is the best strategy to fully utilize the current available space. Because of costs, management might wait to see if the weight training areas Nautilus and ere weights clear up on their own after the aerobics and cardiac changes.

If not, another tennis court can be used for a second Nautilus line. The conclusion is workout equipment being unavailable for use by patrons.

Plus, because most people only use the cardiac equipment for minutes, there will be little to no bottlenecks.

Fitness Plus: A Case Study of Capacity

Fitness Activities Free weights Workout room 24 Nautilus machines Cardiovascular workout room 9 step steppers, 6 treadmills, 6 life-cycle two wheelers, 3 airdyne two wheelers, 2 cross-aerobics appliances, 2 rowing appliances, and 1 climber Recreation Activities. How this may work in another company, for example, a supermarket may have long nines at peak hours and not enough checkout space to accommodate all customers.

Costs of a new facility will be passed on too member by higher rates, as well as a whole new problem of massive influx of new clientele which can start the bottlenecks all over again. Management needs to carefully weigh the risks of a move.

The maximum amount of people best operating level who can fit into an aerobics mom is 35 per hour while the maximum amount of people who can fit into a tennis court is only 4 per hour.

Bullying another space Is not only expensive, out It may turn long term memoirs away from their current club. This paper will aim on present capability topic, and conclusion to elaborate living amenities or construct the new facility Hassen Since a much larger percentage of members use aerobics at Fitness Plus, management can risk converting a tennis court into an aerobics room in order to eliminate bottlenecks in the area of a popular exercise regime.

Looking at the same rationale room a different perspective, consider converting two racquetball courts into another cardiovascular area. Fitness Plus has not reached its capacity.

In supplement, downtown locality is starting to repopulate with businesses. Due to development in constituents and large proceeds in demand, Fitness in supplement to is overcrowded. Another example is in a hospital where administrators determined that the birth rate has gone down while the aging population has risen.

Fitness in supplement to be the workout facility established in North Carolina. Fitness Plus has two choices to explain capacity issue—expand existing facility, which would take four months, or open the new facility, which would take six months. Following are specific undertakings suggested by Fitness in addition to, and their respective capacity: Fitness Plus knows their most popular activities are in the following areas: In a peak period of three hours in an evening, that means risking a maximum of 12 people over losing people.

Fitness Plus Case Study

Another strategy might be to use a tennis court or racquetball room during peak hours as an aerobics area, leaving it open for the original activities during off-peak times. New competitors in locality encompass: Eliminating floor space for neutralized areas and converting them into space that will be used by more members is smart planning for the long term 18 months to 3 years growth of the club.

It is actually May, and top enrollment time of year is January each year.

Since they still have neutralized space, a move is not recommended at this time. Fitness undertakings usually take position in four localities of association Answer 01 InFitness in addition to opened in Greensboro, North Carolina. Since these areas are less popular with members, it may be a necessary cut for the sustainability of the club.Fitness Plus Capacity 1 RUNNING HEAD: Fitness Plus Capacity Case Study Michelle Pate OPS Fitness Plus – A Case Study of Capacity University of Phoenix March Fitness Plus Capacity 2 Introduction Fitness Plus is a full-service fitness club that has sustained tremendous growth since its.

Fitness Plus Case Study. Abstract Fitness Plus is a workout facility located in North Carolina. Due to growth in membership and large shifts in demand, Fitness Plus is overcrowded. The result is the exercise equipment being unavailable for use by patrons. Fitness Plus, Part A Case Study 2 1. Synopsis Fitness Plus is a full service health and sports club that was opened in and provides fitness, recreation and relaxation facilities to its members.

In the beginning growth was small and the overall use of the facility was light%(20). FITNESS PLUS CASE STUDY Fitness Plus Case Study Table of Contents Introduction1 Major Issues1 ANSWER FITNESS ACTIVITIES2 Recreation Activities2 Relaxation Activities3.

View Essay - CASE 3_Fitness Plus Case Study from BUS at Florida Institute of Technology. Troy Rock Florida Institute of Technology Case 3: Fitness Plus, Part A BUS November 13, The. Case Study On Fitness Plus (Operation Management) - Download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt /.pptx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online.

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Fitness plus a case study of capacity essay
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