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Date of Letter Use complete title and address. Make the addressee want to read your resume. A summary statement may work well here by including three reasons you think you would be a good fit for the opportunity. Now would be the time to request that grade sheet, especially if you graduated from undergrad a while ago.

If this section is more relevant to the opportunity you are applying for, consider moving this above your Experience section. Obtaining a grade sheet while not on campus and from an office that may have your grades stashed in some file cabinet in a damp, dark basement is destined to be messy.

In sum, if you are thinking about clerking, now is the time to start making your list of potential judges.

Cover Letters

Solberg highlighted the tension inherent in the geography question: List foreign languages and your level of fluency Laboratory: Validated Verified Always Harvard ocs cover letter your college email account and check it frequently, even if you have enabled forwarding.

Managed focus groups and consumer surveys gathering over data points.

Office of Career Services

Actively participated in staff meetings and brainstorming sessions. Between now and August, when you will need to submit your applications packets to OCS, you can improve your chances by developing recommendations, researching your chosen judges thoroughly, diversifying across courts and geographic areas appropriately, and tailoring your cover letters.

Kirsten Solberg, assistant director of judicial clerkships and J. Remind the reader of what you can do for the organization. In the end, it is your recommendations that will help your application be noticed. On Thursday, the Office of Career Services provided an overview of the judicial clerkship application process to a packed Langdell South.

Fluent French and Conversational Spanish. Member of Varsity Field Hockey Team. Regardless, if your judges and recommenders are acquaintances of some form, you have a better chance of garnering a coveted interview.

While potentially not as prestigious, as courts of last resort, many with certiorari processes, state supreme courts are presumed to handle cutting edge legal issues across all legal disciplines. While there may be a specific judge or specific court that is particularly attractive, for the most part, geography will drive your final list of judges.

Solberg noted that while the importance of grades is over-estimated by students, the importance of recommendations is under-estimated by students. Microfabrication of Thin-film Heaters to Simulate Hotspots. Ultimate Frisbee, Bhangra dance, and European films.

The content of your six to twenty page writing sample is secondary: Solberg cautioned that both these options may provide less transferable experience. Thank you for your consideration.

The work also differs: I am a senior at Harvard College studying History and Literature.

Resume and Cover Letter 101

A typical application consists of a cover letter, your resume, your law school grade sheet, your undergraduate grade sheet, a writing sample, and two to four letters of recommendation.

In terms of writing sample, Solberg advised that for most judges, it will hurt rather than help you. Commit 5 hours per week greeting patients. Created ideas for niche marketing campaigns including use of social networks and viral marketing.

Conversely, specialty courts are extremely focused, providing clerks with the opportunity to gain specific experience in a particular legal discipline, such as bankruptcy, tax, international trade, and corporate law. Having settled on the type or types of courts to which to apply, the geography question becomes especially pertinent.

As Solberg explained, federal circuit courts may make more sense for people interested in pursuing academia or appellate litigation, while federal district courts are best for certain career paths, such as law firm litigation, U.

Your writing sample is a chance to demonstrate that you can present a document in a well-organized, visually appealing fashion.Office of Career Services Harvard University. Faculty of Arts & Sciences Cambridge, MA Phone: () ultimedescente.com RESUMES AND COVER LETTERS.

A resume is a concise, informative summary RESUMES AND COVER LETTERS Action Verbs for your Resume LEADERSHIP. Harvard OCS is Harvard University FAS Office of Career Services. Follow us for program information, live tweeting of OCS events, and career related links. Get a critique of your resume / cover letter or ask a quick career question at GSAS Drop-Ins!

Note: Check out this OCS 2-minute cover letter video for additional cover letter tips The cover letter is your personal introduction to a prospective employer outlining your interest in the position and the organization, and expressing why you are qualified for the position.

the harvard guide to your job search published by the office of career services and the harvard crimson. Get All Photos in High Resolutin HD Cover Letter Harvard Ocs Samples Resumee University Law Business 1l Latex Friday, PM, March 09th Harvard Cover Letter.

It is related to your cover letter, which is a narrative-based introduction to a prospective employer that outlines your interest in the position, the organization, and why you are qualified for that job.

Harvard ocs cover letter
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