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They became fashionable courtly dances, which were used to display status and discipline among the noble family members. Sumarians discovered a fermentation process when apiece of bread was left in water for a pe. The railroad provided a way for many of these shows to travel causing the business of minstrel shows to become the main show in entertainment.

American dance has been strongly influenced by African elements in dance such as the rhythm and beats as well as movements. She began her training at the age ofwhich was very late compared to most other girls. In the brief period from throughmore than a hundred new dances emerged and disappeared from American ballrooms" Kraines,3.

The cakewalk, a dance invented by Africans, began to become incorporated into the minstrel shows and soon after the cakewalk became the theatrical ending to the show. InThe Slave Act was History of jazz dance essays banning the playing of African drums and the performance of traditional dances.

He spent many long hours learning ballroom dancing. The popularity of this dance lead musicians to created new accompaniments that had unusual rhythms, this was called syncopation.

She was recognised all over the world for her elegance History of jazz dance essays grace. During the latter part of the s movies were no longer without sound and dialogue and many people flocked to the theatres so see this new kind of show, leaving Broadway plays in the dust.

Blaise Pascal builtthe first digital computer inwhich could perform addition. People all over the world are familiar with jazz dance. Classical Ballet originated in the courts of Italy and was soon after adopted and developed by the French. These slaves that moved north began to replace the painted black faced Americans.

From these courtly dances, Ballet was born. Many people began to dance in restaurants and cabarets. It is evident today that the styles of the two cultures have been fused to create many different dance styles.

Colossus was an electronic computer built in Britain at the end and designed to crack the German coding system - Lorenz cipher. During the s slavery began to progress in Europe. In the First World War started and dancing became a way for people to interact and have a good time.

I took jazz dance three times a week and never complained; it was my life. Jazz dance has a lot of historical significance and the movements are unique to the form. The Civil War between the north and the south started in Astaire was huge on Broadway; he was the man to play the leading role.

Their exposure to another culture started the fusion of West African music and "dance tradition to the harmonies and musical structure of European music" Kraines,2. Despite her late start, she picked it up naturally and moved ahead quickly, she made her way to the top and starred as the principle ballerina in famous productions all over world.

France was where the first official school of ballet was begun and French is also recognised as the universal language of Ballet.

The cultural traditions of the Africans were to celebrate everything through music and dance. I took jazz dance three times a week and never complained; it was my life.Dance In The Early Twentieth Century Essay - The history of Jazz music is one that is tied to enslavement, and prejudices, and it is impossible to separate the development of Jazz music from the racial oppression that occurred in the United States as they are inextricably connected.

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