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Few of these studies, though, followed a controlled clinical trial. I think that they should research how marijuana affects the brain and if this is a positive or negative thing. Marijuana is considered a drug; but why is it considered a drug? It is also known by its many slang names like pot, weed, Mary Jane, dope and chronic.

It is a combination of chemicals from the marijuana herb and is sprayed into the mouth. Marijuana is becoming more mainstream every year.

How Does Marijuana Affect You?

Which theory is most important one to apply here? This suggests that the IQ decline in marijuana users may be caused by something other than marijuana, such as shared familial factors e.

Marijuana and Cancer

So how come this plant has gained such a cult following over the thousand and odd years The effects can also differ based on how deeply and for how long the user inhales. Infants born Marijuana paper women who smoke marijuana while pregnant are more likely to be underweight, be born too early, and need neonatal intensive care.

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The article is clearly for the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes and gives several opinions on why opponents of this issue Marijuana paper incorrect with their arguments. Therefore, other patients who need marijuana to alleviate the nausea and loss of appet People have reported symptoms such as anxiety and paranoia, and in rare cases, an extreme psychotic reaction which can include delusions and hallucinations that can lead them to seek treatment in an emergency room.

I studied marijuana smokers and discussed their deviance. While not everyone who uses marijuana becomes addicted, when a user begins to seek out and take the drug compulsively, that person is said to be dependent or addicted to the drug. These numbers could rise as more states continue to legalize marijuana for medicinal or recreational purposes.

Marijuana Effects on the Lungs After smoking marijuana, the bronchial passage relaxes and becomes enlarged. In addition, some babies and toddlers have been seriously ill after ingesting marijuana or marijuana edibles left around the house.

Marijuana smoke contains many of the same cancer-causing chemicals found in cigarette smoke, often in greater quantities, as reported by Mehmedic and colleagues.

Legalization of Marijuana Paper

What Smith did not know was that a Of those arrests Voters in Arizona think that p Its use is highly restricted. Most people use the drugs just to forget about everything, but they forge I assume that if marijuana is legalized it will only benefit the U.

In society today, there are many serious diseases that plague nations all across the world. Upon further questioning the second student told Mr. How can marijuana affect symptoms of cancer?

In the past marijuana was required to be grown on most plantations in the southern region. Today, it is still used for medicinal purposes, although restrictive laws surrounding its use now exist. One study from Mittleman, et al has suggested that the risk of heart attack may increase by up to 4.The purpose of this paper is to educate, theorize, and discuss various aspects of marijuana, such as its history, development, and the advantages and disadvantages of marijuana legalization.

[tags: Marijuana Legalization Essays]. Business Readiness Guidebook for Oregon Recreational Marijuana Operations The guidebook is intended to provide applicants and licensees with knowledge and tools for establishing and operating OLCC-licensed recreational marijuana businesses.

Marijuana and Cancer Marijuana is the name given to the dried buds and leaves of varieties of the Cannabis sativa plant, which can grow wild in warm and tropical climates throughout the world and be cultivated commercially.

Cannabis (drug)

I truly believe that there wouldn’t be any consequences it the government legalized marijuana. 8. Thought Out Conclusion I personally feel that the America would very much so benefit from the legalization of marijuana.

Marijuana—also called weed, herb, pot, grass, bud, ganja, Mary Jane, and a vast number of other slang terms—is a greenish-gray mixture of the dried flowers of Cannabis sativa. WebMD looks at what scientific research shows about the effects of marijuana.

Marijuana paper
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