Mass or undifferentiated marketing

Due to this, variety marketing had to be changed in order to persuade a wide audience with different needs into buying the same thing. There are a number of additional advertising opportunities from smaller agencies that provide a similar service.

Over the years marketing activities have notably transitioned from traditional forms, such as television, radio and print advertisements to a more digitalized forms, such as the utilisation of online media platforms to reach various consumers. Undifferentiated Print Marketing Mass flyer and promotional card distribution is a common example of undifferentiated marketing.

The simple act of a retailer placing a product outside of their store qualifies as a product placement. Another type of marketing is concentrated marketing, which focuses on only one target market, rather than several, for a single product. As a result, undifferentiated marketing strategy may fall flat or even turn off certain groups of people, thus becoming counterproductive.

Your affiliates target specific demographics for sales based on their knowledge and relationships of their demographic preferences. Organizations use different marketing strategies to appeal to varied target markets.

Each campaign might require separate products, packaging, promotional literature and radio and television spots. Cable providers sell ads to air on the network in general to fill unsold airtime and generate revenue where otherwise there would be none.

What Is Undifferentiated Marketing?

The combination of extra airtime and a general ad campaign often results in a marriage of convenience that accomplishes the goals of both parties. Shotgun approach[ edit ] The shotgun theory is an approach of mass marketing. Undifferentiated Marketing Drawbacks The downside to this marketing approach is that it makes the assumption that everyone is more or less the same.

These are items people are accustomed to buying new when their old ones wear out or are used up.

12 Top Notch Undifferentiated Marketing Examples

These trends are due to corresponding upswings in mass media, the parent of mass marketing. Often this would take the form of selling a product like toothpaste.

undifferentiated marketing

About the Author Robert Morello has an extensive travel, marketing and business background. Digital marketing allows for a marketer to reach a larger-scale audience in a more efficient and cost-effective manner, which is ultimately what Mass Marketing seeks to do.

On the Web, it refers to a lot of advertising done through banners to text ads in as many websites as possible, in order to get enough eyeballs that will hopefully turn into sales. They are given to all consumers without discrimination in hopes that the more people who know, the more customers will have an incentive to come.

They are not aimed at any one demographic in particular but rather at TV viewers as a whole. Many people focus on the Big Four: By doing so, it allows you to gauge which segments of the market are most interested in your brand and adjust your marketing to target them more specifically.

Relationships then inspire loyalty.

An Example of Undifferentiated Marketing

Huangas cited in Shyu et al. For example, a fast-food chain might offer the hamburger promotion to franchises in college towns while marketing a more health-conscious product -- such as a selection of fresh salads -- to franchises in well-off suburbs. Businesses were using undifferentiated marketing long before the internet came around.

Many mass marketing campaigns have been successful through persuading audiences using the central route to persuasion, as well as using the peripheral route to persuasion, according to the Elaboration Likelihood Model. It is also called overall marketing.Mass Marketing.

Mass marketing -- also called undifferentiated marketing -- casts a wide net.

Mass marketing

Companies use mass marketing to promote a single product or service to as many people as possible. Undifferentiated marketing is just another way to describe the efforts that businesses and individuals take for a mass marketing campaign.

At its very core, undifferentiated marketing has no concern for a target demographic or meeting any specific needs. Undifferentiated Print Marketing. Mass flyer and promotional card distribution is a common example of undifferentiated marketing.

Many small businesses print up thousands of simple print ads and hire distributors to hand them out in the street near the business. Definition of undifferentiated marketing: Sales-growth strategy that ignores market segment differences and attempts to appeal to all prospective customers with a single, basic product line through mass advertising and distribution.

Undifferentiated Marketing. Undifferentiated marketing treats all buyers, or potential buyers, as a homogeneous group. Another term for undifferentiated marketing is mass marketing. Mass marketing or undifferentiated marketing has its origins in the s with the inception of mass radio use.

This gave corporations an opportunity to appeal to a wide variety of potential customers.

Mass or undifferentiated marketing
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