National technology day

Pokhran II — How India Fooled CIA and Tested its Nuclear Bombs

By early afternoon, the winds had National technology day down and the test sequence was initiated. The camcorder made the technology available to the masses by making it compact, light, and affordable. Second, they achieve all this at competitive prices.

Try focusing on key points while writing the paragraph. With better graphics and a wide range of games to choose from, consumers were quick to adopt the NES. Due to their very low yield, these explosions were not detected by any seismic station. Hansa-3 was developed by the National Aerospace Laboratories.

The exponential improvement of technologies will not only allow every business industry to flourish but also impact our daily lives. However IPTV provided the technology to deliver content through the internet.

Today we celebrate the achievements of some of our best scientists and innovators, and their success in shaping technology into usable, commercial products and processes that change the lives of people.

Just go to TheQuint. This was a matter of pride for all the citizens of India. Shakti III — An experimental linear implosion design that used "non- weapon grade " [18] plutonium, but which likely omitted the material required for fusion, yielding 0.

An exhibition was also held which taught about the future symphony of Technology Department Board TDB and interacted with the companies which were funded by the TDB on the period of Today India is rapidly progressing in the field of technology.

These smart devices would need to be collaboratively connected through the internet, converting the devices into one big integrated system driving a major shift in human-machine interaction. Businesses are quickly understanding the potential of AR and are integrating the technology into their business and marketing plans to make most of the first-mover opportunities available.

Three nuclear bombs were test fired 13 May The format was so significant that the technology of laserdisc players was later used to create CDs and DVDs.

Home computers and later the Internet were the biggest technological development of the last few decades and they changed forever how we interact with technology. India indigenously discovered its foremost super computer PARAM in which is a giant stride in the super-computing world.

Today many industries and organizations have adopted the technology in their everyday use including hospitals and the military.

The scope is even greater in healthcare where AR can be used in the operating room by bringing the virtual elements to the real world.

1967 Pocket Radio

Industries like telecommunication, manufacturing, energy where the workforce is scattered to remote areas are already using AR extensively for communication, training, etc. Harsh Vardhan also launched three initiatives to mark the celebrations.

Millions of people in India are today tech savvy and our country is amongst the largest markets for tablets, smartphones and computers. Our idea of what makes a computer has been thrown out the window as tablets combined display, keyboard, and motherboards in one.

Need to go to the bathroom during a big game? National Technology Day is the ideal occasion to boost the citizens to explore the stellar world of technology, to step forward and take our right place as the leaders of technological innovations and scientific development in the world.

National Technology Day

At present, IoT is being used by businesses to increase process efficiencies and deliver better customer experiences, thus generating new revenue streams. Remaining of the two tests were carried out on 13th May, since then National Technology Day is celebrated in India.

They can also play online science quizzes and games. On this day, students of India generally pay a visit to different laboratories to acquire information about the recent progress made in the areas of pharmacy, science and research work.

Shakti IV- A 0. To truly celebrate the national technology day we should do something that will create interest in the science and technology among the people. While the groundwork in AI has already begun, the times ahead are exciting as the ideas and prototypes are taking shape in real projects across multiple sectors - healthcare, retail, construction, banking, manufacturing, etc.

The date decided for the Nuclear Tests.

5 Things You Must Know About National Technology Day

Explain your topic in short and give some related points in brief.The National Technology Day celebrations highlighted a surge in entrepreneurship spirit to develop cost effective indigenous technologies that offered solutions necessary in Indian context.

Awards are given to several innovators and entrepreneurs on this day every year. The day is a significant milestone in the history of India’s.

Technology Day All About 'National Technology Day' On The 11th Of May.


SinceMay 11 is celebrated as National Technology Day in order to mark India's advancement in the field of science and technology. Based on the tremendous achievements by the country's scientists, engineers, and technicians, May 11 was declared as the National Technology Day.

From retro pocket radios to driverless cars and VR technology. We celebrate National Technology Day with our top 27 innovations that debuted at CES. The Indian government has officially declared the 11 May as National Technology Day in India to commemorate the first of the five nuclear tests that were carried out on 11 May

National technology day
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