Pestle analysis of turkey

Turkish soldiers had been deployed frequently to bring the situation under control. The form of government is parliamentary republic.

The current account deficit rose more than to reach S infueled and sustained by the domestic consumption of imported goods, high- energy imports, and the dependence of the export industry on imported intermediate goods and machinery.

However, rising labour costs and persistent tax load put modernization of Turkish industrial companies under pressure. AfterTurkey entered a period of high growth and significant structural transformation, with an average annual growth rate of 7.

The young unemployment relating to different aspects of labour market poses a big problem. According to the Index of Economic Freedom, the country scored Just 44 on freedom from corruption, reflecting the high levels of corruption in Turkey.

One of the economic strengths of Turkey is the foreign direct investments FDI. More than half of the population is under 30 years. The higher credit grants and the dependence on energy imports are the two main reasons for the highest balance of payments deficit.

Meanwhile, Turkey is following a challenging foreign policy with Syria, pressing Syrian President Basher Sad to resign and imposing sanctions on the country. The situation deteriorated further after Turkey expelled the Israeli ambassador n September ; in addition, the country has suspended military links with Israel.

Free trade agreement FAT negotiations are currently underway between Turkey and Colombia, and the country aims to start negotiations with India and Ethiopia. Analysis of Turkeys economy Current strengths.

The range of application of the PESTEL analysis covers not only the analysis of companies or organizations, but also the analysis of countries with the help of the six factors. Turkey also faces diplomatic tensions with Cyprus, after the Cypriot hydrocarbon exploration was resumed with Israeli co-operation in the Mediterranean Sea.

The incident also raised uncertainty over the continuation of civilian power in the country. This is most important for investors as it gives a sort of overview of a country covering all the six spheres.

Statista Inc Figure 3: InTurkey made an agreement with the trade union which permitted many Turkish companies to operate successfully in the global economy. The prospect of EX.

Technological factors refer to innovations, for example, the Internet and the nanotechnology. Inflation rate from to compared to the previous year Source: Six factors of Pestel- Analysis Souce: By the end ofas many as 30, enterprises with foreign capital were active in Turkey.

PESTLE Analysis Turkey Essay

The Corruption Perceptions Index, published by anti- corruption organization Transparency International, ranked Turkey 56th out of countries. In Septembera referendum on constitutional reform backed amendments to increase the control of parliament veer the army and the Judiciary.

The AKP has been accused of Islamization of the society. Average annual growth in unemployment stood at around 5. Relations with Israel have been strained sinceafter Israeli commandos killed nine Turkish activists following a raid on an aid flotilla heading to the Gaza Strip.

The following graph makes this amply clear. Six factors of Pestel- Analysis Figure 2: Hundreds of military officers have been charged by the government over the military alleged coup plan to topple the government in Conclusion Table of figures Figure 1: Population Pyramid - Source: Opportunities are also there in the field of infrastructure, tourism and in the protection of environment.

Among the rest, social influence change cultures and demography, for instance the population will be older and older in many western countries.

PESTEL Analysis for Turkey

In Marchthe mayor of Danna was suspended by the Ministry of the Interior following allegations of corruption. As a result of increasing corruption cases and a perceived lack of political commitment, Turkeys outlook in this area is bleak. Introduction This scientific paper would help investors who are considering an investment in Turkey.

In the beginning of this scientific paper, the PESTEL theory is demonstrated and the basic principle of the analysis method is made clear.SWOT analysis, scenario analysis, and risk analysis of Turkey is also included in the report. The report also includes forecast for Turkey’s economic growth through The report highlights various drivers and challenges which have influence on investment decisions in the economy.

Turkey is a strong proponent of liberal trade and investment policies. The European Union (EU) accession negotiations have required the country to increase the role of the private sector in the economy, enhance the financial sector’s efficiency and resiliency, and strengthen the social security system.

The report will consist of different aspect of factors to consider for moving the plant into Turkey. The area which will be covered will be the PESTLE analysis along side with the Porter’s Diamond and also an analysis on the cultural factors.

One of the current political strengths in Turkey is. Pestel Analysis Of Om In Turkey Economics Essay. Print Reference this. Published PEST Analysis. According to the BBC()Turkey is a republic country which currently is ruled by a president which has a muslim political background and was chosen by the ultimedescente.come all the controversies that has risen due to this fact president.

PESTLE Analysis Turkey Essay The violent conflict poses a major threat to political and social stability in the country, and is a major hurdle to Turkey’s accession to the ELI.

PESTLE analysis. PESTLE ANALYSIS Summary The Turkish government is made up of democratically-elected representatives of the people, divided into several ruling bodies.5/5(2).

Pestle analysis of turkey
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