Research paper on nonlinear equalizer

In this particular case, differential binary phase-shift keying BPSK modulation is used to assign the sending symbols to the related subcarriers so that all transmitted are situated at the following four pointswhere i is in a complex form as shown in fig.

Especially Internet access is in the focus of the efforts of various research activities. Therefore, an equalizer is required to overcome this problem. Figures at a glance. It shows that received signal without an equalizer can be viewed as a sparse atom with an error probability of about 0.

The filter coefficients are updated as follows Where x[n] is incoming signal with interference and d[n] is the desired output and e[n] is the error signal. A guard interval cyclic prefix is inserted between successive OFDM symbols in the transmission and removed prior to demodulation.

This equalization gives a good compromise among the system reliability, the algorithm convergence, and the computation complexity. Now we are working on the design of non linear equalizer with self organizing maps and design of linear equalizer with adaptive algorithms like RLS, NLMS.

For example, different propagation delays of multipath, non constant amplitude and nonlinear phase response of the channel will cause inter symbol interferences ISI.

The rest of this paper is organized as follows. OFDM is used for high speed data communications. However, it is unable to deal with the orthogonality degradation between the sub channels due to the time-variant characteristics of the multipath power-line channels, which is known as the Inter Channel Interference ICI problem.

However, the commonly used single-tap equalizer assumes that the channel is time constant in the period considered and is not true for the practice.

It is difficult for such an equalizer to fully compensate the influence of the time-variant properties in the nonlinear channel [2]. In the PLC system, the transmission performance is greatly degraded by different kinds of destructive interference.

The results are given in Fig. From this figure, it is found that the step size should be chosen in the following range 0. Keywords orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing OFDMpower-line communication PLCmultiplayer perceptron, nonlinear equalization, Mean square error MSE INTRODUCTION The low voltage power distribute networks are used as a local loop in communications for a range of customer services in the residential and industrial area, such as several electrical utilities and manufacturers of electrical products in metering, communications and distribution automation.

A constellation estimator is, then, used as a useful decision tool. Download PDF Abstract A high-speed data-communication over low-voltage power line has become a hot research topic for electrical advancements in recent years.

The first three types of noise usually remain stationary and are summarized as background noise. To acquire the optimal step size, five PLC test signals are randomly selected to perform the experiment.

All of the effects mentioned above can be seen from this figure. Multipath effect is another serious problem for PLC because the distribution of power lines is complicated. In section V, simulation and results are discussed and section VI contains conclusion.

It is possible for OFDM to control its sub-carrier modulation scheme, transmission power and so on because each sub-carrier in the OFDM signal is orthogonally arranged and can be controlled a non-linear structure because of the non-linear operation in the feedback loop (decision threshold); its current Fig.

5 shows the Nonlinear Equalizer of the channel. Fig.

6 shows the asymptotic performance for nonlinear equalization. Fig. This paper presents the adaptive equalization technique to mitigate the effects of ISI digital. Research Paper Open Access Page Impact of Linear and Nonlinear Channel Equalization Algorithms on User Achievable Rates and Energy Efficiency on Uplink Large Scale MIMO Techniques for Next Generation equalizer to cater for the total power of the noise channel and also partially remove ISI distortion is the MMSE.

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A Hybrid Linear/Nonlinear Approach to Channel Equalization Problems 2 ADAPTIVE LINEAR/RADIAL BASIS FUNCTION APPROACH TO EQUALIZER DESIGN. Analysing Performance of Nonlinear Equalizer Based on Multilayer Perceptron for OFDM Power-Line Communication Especially Internet access is in the focus of the efforts of various research activities.

From the results obtained by this paper we conclude that nonlinear equalizer is more effective in tracking the variation of the power-line.

Research paper on nonlinear equalizer
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