Sample history essays for leaving cert 2016

It is certainly a case of quality over quantity, this is an English exam so think and write critically, know your texts and all will be fine. Every question is different so take the time to read the question and plan your answer and use of points accordingly.

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The texts for higher level will be examined under the following headings: Simply by virtue of the fact that the work is from the same era as a work you are familiar with means you should be able to sample history essays for leaving cert 2016 a fairly competent essay on the work, even if the day of the exam is the first time you see it.

Apart from the unnecessarily vast workload, when it comes to the day of the exam, you would end up wasting a lot of time trying to decide which question to answer. As always back up your points with accurate referencing to the texts. So, in all, I wrote four essays, two for each section of the exam: Depending solely on one type of essay to come up may not pay off.

Identify the links or lack of links that are associated with your texts. Remember that learning off essays can be quite counter productive in English, take the time to learn references, points but not actual essays.

So throughout the two years I wrote my four essays on my chosen periods and just learnt them word for word. The comparative study appears on paper two in the leaving cert English exam. Literary Genre looks at the ways in which the story is told. The questions in the History and Appreciation of Art exam are always worded in a way that basically lays out your answer for you.

Paper two is known as the literature paper and is broken down into three main sections: Remember that comparison means both similarities and differences, so ensure that you can write about the texts you have studied in that manner.

Remember that you do not have to produce ten pages of an essay to get a good grade, ensure that you have planned correctly, compared throughout and backed up your points with references to the texts. I knew my essays inside out and was a good enough student to be able to manipulate my knowledge to suit whatever question was asked.

As well as comparing the texts ensure that you can show personal engagement with the texts and give your thoughts on how the texts relate to the question being asked. Such a viewpoint influences our perspective of the text and setting.

I chose two cathedrals to study in-depth one from Romanesque period and one from the Gothic period and familiarized myself with a few other famous ones in case a picture question was asked and I had to identify specific cathedrals. In hindsight, this was probably a bit of a risk, considering they could have asked the Iron Age instead of the Bronze Age, and they could have asked something along the lines of comparing carvings at Newgrange to carvings from another era, however, for me, Art was an 8th subject and I decided to take the risk and it paid off.

Comparative Studies Three different texts usually a film, novel and a play. Before writing, ensure you plan sufficiently. Refer back to the question asked. Two questions exist on the comparative — the single essay — type question and the two-part question.

The main thing to remember with the comparative study is that the texts chosen to study must be in relation to each other, NOT individually. Write about the texts in relation to each other and not as single texts.

Leaving Certificate History

Poetry Unseen and studied This blog post will be focused on attempting the comparative studies question. Cultural Context Literary Genre. Decide what question works for you but the essay type question allows you the scope and depth needed to explore the texts properly Build your paragraphs based on comparison between the texts and aim to compare and contrast the texts in each paragraph.

So if you are for example studying Foster, The Kings Speech and The Plough and the Stars, answers must be written about how the three texts relate to each other not about the texts individually.

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Tips on tackling the comparative: There is no avoiding this, you must know your texts and the points of comparison before the day.

Ensure prior to the exam that you have built up a stock of comparative phrases to use on the day. The main points to remember are as follows: Avoid summarising or telling the plot of the texts you have studied.

History of Art Notes & Tips from an A1 Student

Here is a link to the fantastic Leaving Cert English blogthe particular blog post I was looking at highlights the importance of linking words in the comparative study. Ensure that you know your texts, know how they compare and contrast to one another. Use comparative language Contrastingly, similarly, comparatively etc.

So take the time to develop those points under the modes of comparison.Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

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Please note - these sample essays do not guarantee any mark in the actual exam - they have been added to this website for study and research purposes only A small number of sample essays will be added to this page in the period before the Leaving.

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A1 Leaving Cert History Essays and Notes · September 10, · This is a comprehensive 40 page book to help all those leaving cert students who need some help achieving a higher grade in history.

Sample history essays for leaving cert 2016
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