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With the explosion of the Internet into a powerful, worldwide medium, the danger to children, whether they are from New York or New Zealand, has drastically increased.

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The accused were most often males between the ages of 18 to 34, according to Statistics Canada. If the victim tries to cut off communication, predators will often suggest they will tell their parents what they have been doing online and how they have viewed pornographic pictures, etc There are many organizations and government agencies designed to assist parents with issues such as these.

Therefore, parents must be on guard to protect their families. They target both boys and girls of all ages and sexual predators online essay tutor the anonymity of the Internet to their advantage since they can be whomever they want.

What we do know is that in andincidents of child luring on the Internet were reported by Canadian authorities. The Internet is a worldwide network that stretches far beyond the grasp of the US judicial system.

The majority of adolescents who accept invitations to meet in person do so knowing that they will be engaging in sex. The most common sexual predators online essay tutor by which sexual predators contact children over the Internet is through chat rooms, instant messages and email.

The Internet also affords pedophiles and other sexual predators the chance to access online chat rooms and web groups that are frequented by children, teenagers, and other possible victims Mahoney and Faulkner, Of these, cases were criminally prosecuted, resulting in 89 guilty verdicts.

These web pages provide background information on laws and legislation, tips and pointers for parents and children, and lists of preventive resources on the various aspects of child sexual exploitation.

The anonymity that the Internet offers its users veils the true nature and identity of the pedophile as they pretend to be children chatting up other unknowing children.

They look for children that are emotionally vulnerable which can be related to personal issues derived from problems at school or home. When it comes to online sexual exploitation, some youth are more at risk than others. While some pedophiles are content with just collecting and fantasizing with child pornography, some choose to indulge their fantasies and urges in a more serious and dangerous way.

Among minors between the ages of 8 to 18, 1 in 8 discover that the person they were chatting with online was an adult pretending to be much younger Morgan, Nowadays, there is a growing awareness of the very real threat that the Internet brings in the person of online predators such as pedophiles.

Never before have pedophiles had the opportunity to communicate so freely and directly with each other as they do online. They are using the technology of the Internet to train and encourage each other to act out sexually with children.

Online Sexual Predators

Postal Inspection Service, U. They share their conquests, real and imagined. Sexual Predators Online One of the attractions of the Internet is the anonymity of the user, and this is why it can be so dangerous. In return for not exposing the victim they will demand money, additional material, or even sex.

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This is known as the grooming process and predators look for children that are more technically savvy than their parents. This plays right into the adolescent mind as they look for someone to validate their feelings. Even agencies such as the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children are helping out by setting up a database of images of those they can prove are real children Ryan, The Internet also serves as a tool for predators to exchange tips on the avoidance of law enforcement detection.

Among those they have arrested was Scott Wolfers, a police officer in Aurora, Illinois who was charged with two counts of possession of child pornography p. To report possible illegal online activity related to child pornography, predation, or any other type of child sexual exploitation, call the CyberTipline: Once a predator Instant Messages or Chats with a victim and gains their trust they often send pornographic pictures via a chat session or e-mail and sometimes send gifts or a cell phone through the mail so calls or texts will not show up on a phone bill that parents will see.

They discuss ways to contact and lure children online and exchange tips on seduction techniques. Internet searching for information will also provide many links and websites to help.

Presented as evidence against Smith were a collection of email messages he exchanged with an undercover investigator who posed as another pedophile. They use these issues to befriend the victim and empathize with them while building a pseudo friendship and trust.

How to cite this page Choose cite format: Pedophiles and other sexual predators can use the Internet, with no precautions, to exchange names and addresses of other pedophiles and of potential child victims.

Children can easily be exposed to pornographic material, not to mention be in actual contact with pedophiles through online chat rooms, peer support groups, and messaging systems p.

Harmony was part of the team that handled the case of a year old girl whose former boyfriend pasted her picture onto a picture of a naked woman and posted it online along with her address and phone number. Often we think of pedophiles as having access to children out on the playground and other places, but because of the way the Internet works, children can actually be interacting on their home computers with adults who pretend to be children.Online Sexual Predators Digital Citizenship, Internet & Mobile, Sexual Exploitation Because of its sensational nature, the spectre of unscrupulous adults preying upon and sexually exploiting kids online gets a lot of media attention.

Online Sexual Predators Essay

Online predators are people who create false identities and trick children and teens into believing they area person they are not. This can lead into severe and even life threatening situations as the child begins to build a relationship with the person.

This Neighborhood Search shows Florida Sexual Offenders or Predators who have registered an address within a specified radius (1/4 mile up to 5 miles) of the address entered by the user. We will write a custom essay sample on Online Sexual Predators specifically for you for only $ $/page. Order now Cary’s village attorney; and Lawrence Swager, a swim coach and tutor for learning-disabled students at a Crystal Lake high school (Ryan,p.

1). Since they started operations inthe FBI’s Innocent Images. Children who meet and communicate with strangers online are easy prey for Internet predators. Predators have easy and anonymous access to children online where they can conceal their identity and roam without limit.

but the reality is that today’s sexual predators search for victims while hiding behind a computer screen, taking advantage.

Sexual Predators Online One of the attractions of the Internet is the anonymity of the user, and this is why it can be so dangerous.

A child doesn't always know with whom he or she is interacting.

Sexual predators online essay tutor
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