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As explained above, there is no explicit provision authorizing stays in the Convention or its implementing legislation; consequently, parties have had to turn to 9 U.

See New York Convention art. InTodd filed suit in Louisiana state court against Steamship, attempting to collect on his judgment against Delta Queen. It suggested that the information could be supplied in 21 days. Thus state law, whether of legislative or judicial origin, is applicable if that law arose to govern issues concerning the validity, revocability, and enforceability of contracts generally.

In particular it referred to the techniques to control so - called active risk or tracking error. The dizzy climb of Technology, Media and Telecoms shares in particular was halted and then they fell rapidly. In this case, Steamship must seek relief at least in part under the New York Convention, as Steamship seeks to compel Todd to arbitrate outside the United States.

Although state contract law principles control whether nonsignatories can be bound to arbitrate, see Carlisle, S. Thus, the FAA, the source of the federal policy favoring arbitration, has no application to require direct action plaintiffs to arbitrate or to stay their lawsuits during arbitration.


These techniques were identified in the letter. The assets of the Fund are managed by external fund managers. Goldman Sachs, one of the other two asset managers of the Fund, had a similar mandate and the same overall objectives as BAM.

These are documents relating to: As both Zimmerman and Big Foot involved foreign insurers, it is probable that the Convention did have some application in both cases. The FAA does not require arbitration unless the parties to a dispute have agreed to refer it to arbitration.

In the 12 month period up to 31 May the portfolio managed by BAM under-performed against its benchmark by 8. However, it remanded the case to the civil district court for recalculation of the sum due Todd for wages lost due to his injury.

As such, Carlisle has called into question our statement in Zimmerman that direct action plaintiffs cannot be required to arbitrate as third party beneficiaries of insurance contracts.

We conclude that Carlisle effectively overrules Zimmerman, at least insofar as Zimmerman would apply in this case to prevent Steamship from compelling Todd to arbitrate his claims. In conclusion, we stress that the issues raised above are nonexhaustive; we only suggest that these issues should be considered within the framework of a full analysis of whether Todd can be bound to arbitrate.Sep 02,  · The Steamship Mutual Underwriting Association Limited offers mutual protection and underwriting services.

The company provides marine liability insurance. The company was incorporated in and Location: Aquatical House 39 Bell Lane London, E1 7LU United Kingdom. THE STEAMSHIP MUTUAL UNDERWRITING ASSOCIATION (BERMUDA) LIMITED Registered Office: Clarendon House, 2 Church Street, Hamilton HM 11, Bermuda Authorised and Regulated by the Bermuda Monetary Author ity and the United Kingdom Financial Services Authority.

View Roger Thompson’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Steamship Mutual Underwriting Association Trustees (Bermuda) Steamship Mutual Underwriting Title: Chief Investment Officer at.

Get to know The Steamship Mutual Underwriting Association (Bermuda) Limited CEO & other corporate executives. Learn about the Board of Directors, Executive Committees and CEO compensation in this. The two applicants are Steamship Mutual Underwriting Association Trustees (Bermuda) Ltd (``the Trustee'') and Hamilton Investment Management Limited (``Hamilton'').

The first applicant is the corporate trustee of the Steamship Mutual Trust, which has been referred to as ``The Fund'' in this application. Find local businesses in Bermuda. Please provide your contact information, and we'll verify that you are authorized to claim this business.

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Steamship mutual underwriting association trustees bermuda limited
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