The training system in ufone mobile companys information technology essay

Downward Communication Information flowing from the top of the organizational management hierarchy and telling people in the organization what is important mission and what is valued policies. Ufone is a performance oriented organization so they compensate their employees on the basis of their performance so everybody know that if they show the results then the organization will compensate them good if not then they will never expect, This is a good approach for performance oriented organizations to implement the system like this because of this system everybody interests involves in it.

In order to obtain the attention this according to him is a sensory field. Initially they explained five categories of humor namely exaggeration, pun, sarcasm, silliness and surprise.

Giving the units their own support systems and decision-making authority to take advantage of local opportunities in regional or specialized product markets also enhances flexibility. This will allow you to share some of your resources rather than buy one for every desk like a stapler, for example.

The categorization done by them is: Employees working in Ufone are instructed clearly on the most important issues and policies. The Construct, Theory and Taxonomy. They report directly to the CEO. Another research conducted by Catanescu and Tom has defined use of humor in advertisements and has also explained the various types of humor used by advertisers.

It is now becoming difficult for advertisers to get the attention of their products in the minds of their viewers. Same numbers of questions for each brand were made in the questionnaire for serious and humorous appeals.

Ufone Organizational Development

Human development with high trust and openness is the basic agenda of clan oriented organizations. If the employers complete their tasks within time and with quality they are recognized at the end of the year and they get bonuses accordingly, 2.

Also quality service department checks the ongoing calls of customer support and also feedback is checked so these are all the policies in regard for customer relationship and to maintain ethics so customer should feel respected. Key research question is humorous ads have higher attention than serious ads.

Ufone strategize to widen its coverage to all places in Pakistan in order to meet the requirements of its increasing customer base.

Ufone upper level management has certain qualities to deal with employees. At commercial break time audience normally browse to other channels even if they are watching their favorite show on any given channel. Ufone uses following sales promotion tools.

This definition is germane to effective leadership in organizations in that it connotes an organization code conveying moral integrity and consistent values in service to the public.

According to him the simpler dimension gives way to more complex understanding of humor when simple normal relationships are researched upon. What is an Appropriate Role for Humor? Ufone often go for Virtual teams that help to reduce expenses and increase productivity.

Sales promotions are short term incentives to encourage the purchase or sale of a product or services.

Marketing Strategy of Ufone Essay Sample

Along with the development of society and technology advertising also evolved with time. Club policy travel, Ufone employ different marketing activities and channels to communicate and deliver value to customer. So Ufone always go for self managed team to resolve different issues and if some package plan has to be introduced in case competitor has introduced some cheap package.

The vertical dimensions can be further divided into downward and upward communication. It was also observed that the number of channels especially in the electronic media have also geometrically increased over the last two decades.

Some are not satisfied because they think that we are very senior and the organization should have to compensate us for our seniority not for our work done, Loyalty factor involves.

Education assistance policy, It will cover the general as well as focused area of the research problem which is whether there is a difference between attentions of viewers when various advertising appeals are used.

According to the field of experience and job description every employee is compensated. In total there were twenty four questions in each questionnaire. Perhaps this may be because of the globalization and availability of hundreds of channels for the viewers of this modern era. European Journal of Marketing, 30 9: Utta Utreda, Forska Och Rappottera.Different mobile manufacturing companies have given attractive shapes, designs and colors with latest functions of information technology including MMS, MSN, e-mail, and other internet options.

In Pakistan there are over Forty million active mobile phone users. Ufone Customer Activity Recording System. Introducing the new Username based My Ufone Account! Now interact with all your Ufone Mobile Connections using a single registered account.

Use same set of credentials in Ufone mobile app or on the website for complete control. Pak Telecom Mobile Limited (PTML) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) that started its operations in January under the brand name 'Ufone'.

As a result of PTCL's privatization, Ufone became a part of the Emirates Telecommunication Corporation Group (Etisalat) in Company Profile Vision & Mission Statement of Ufone Marketing Department Business Portfolio PREFACE This report reviews the marketing of Ufone, the second largest telecom company in Pakistan.

We give a brief history of the company and tell about the achievements and growths of Ufone. Management information system of ufone 1. MEGA PROJECT • GROUP MEMBERS • Azra Nawaz • Samina Tariq • Yusra Sajjad • Zukhruf Malik • Nida Aslam • Munazza Sarfaraz 2.

•Name of business: UFONE GSM (PTML) •Name of Manager: Bilal Ahmed Ch. •Location: Old radio building, bank road saddar Rawalpindi.

The training system in ufone mobile companys information technology essay
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