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At the pinnacle of the Third Estate was the bourgeoisie: Most peasants worked the land as feudal tenants or sharecroppers and were required to pay a range of taxes, tithes and feudal dues.

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Over the next several years many different forms of government were set up but ultimately failed through out the rest of the revolution.

The Third estate essay bourgeoisie rose from the middle classes to become Third estate essay wealthy, well-educated and ambitious. You will note, however, that this time he does not offer any supporting evidence for his statement.

They were poorly paid, lived in difficult conditions and were pressured by rising food prices. Government censorship was also relaxed, allowing pundits and ideologues to write extensively about the forthcoming Estates General. At this point, there was uncertainty about the composition and operation of the Estates General.

What is the Third Estate? Review the full course description and key learning outcomes and create an account and enrol if you want a free statement of participation. The next two sections of grievances were shorter, but they still included many key factors that would eventually lead to the equality of people in France.

This meant the people of the Third Estate would no longer allow themselves to be treated unfairly. The National Assembly had seized power in the name of the French nation. They wanted the taxes on salt and animal skins to be eliminated, along with all of the useless and excessive offices, which nobles held for a number of reasons.

In addition they wanted to have their own mills, winepresses, and ovens so they would not have to pay the lord outrageous fees to use his property. The haute bourgeoisie had become the economic masters of the nation, yet government and policy remained the exclusive domains of the royalty and their noble favourites.

The following month Jacques Neckerwho had proposed doubling the representation of the Third Estate at the Estates General, summoned an Assembly of Notables to provide advice on the matter. In the circumstances ofhis message took on startling implications about the respective roles of the nobility and the Third Estate in the Estates-General.

The reader will take the implicit point soon to be made explicit that not only is this indeed the case, but that such a situation is illogical, unjust and wrong, no longer tenable or tolerable. It reminded the common French people they had been exploited and mistreated, both by an unrepresentative government and by a parasitic nobility that refused to pay its own way.

Unskilled labourers worked as servants, cleaners, haulers, water carriers, washerwomen, hawkers — in short, anything that did not require training or membership of a guild. In Septemberthe Paris parlement ruled the Estates General must adopt the same form as it had in — that is, with voting conducted by order rather than by head.

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Words 1, This essay discusses What is the Third State written by Emmanuel Joseph Sieyes.

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It is important to understand that it was Emmanuel Joseph Sieyes who at the start of the revolution gave the thought of the nation its modern sense. Emmanuel-Joseph Sieyès, What is the Third Estate? () [Introductory note: Hundreds of pamphlets appeared in the course of the great public debate over the forms to be followed in the convocation of the Estates General.

French Revolution

Few, if any, could match this one in rhetorical force or 3., a. What is the Third Estate?. Third Estate, French Tiers État, in French history, with the nobility and the clergy, one of the three orders into which members were divided in.

The Third Estate, he says, demands that the number of its representatives be equal to that of the two other orders put together’ (emphasis added). Exercise 1 Now read from "With regard to its political rights" to "going back in time a bit.". The second estate was the ruling class who had immense control and effect upon the third estate and worked to ensure that the rights of members of the third estate were infringed upon to avoid any form of opposition.

The third estate, simply the most powerful of the classes but it did not know it.

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Abbe de Sieyes wrote about his theory of the importance of the third estate and how it should be treated. "The Third Estate embraces then all that which belongs to the nation; and all that which is not the Third /5(5).

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